School Services

After School Day Care

This service was implemented with the purpose of supporting our working parents with child-friendly spaces, and time extensions in our schedule, where their children can have a wonderful time with recreational activities that are held up, time to do some homework; including a healthy and balanced three-course meal if desired, according to the following:

Extended Schedule Service Description
Until 3:00 p.m. For preschool students only. Meal not included.
Until 7:00 p.m. For preschool and elementary students. Includes a three-course meal.

Psychology Department

This department evaluates the students if any unforeseen problematic situation arises. It also evaluates our enrolling students to identify their academic and personal skills, allowing us to detect opportunity areas to, therefore, offer a holistic development.

First-Aid Area

Colegio Americano Anáhuac has certified health professionals to handle emergencies as well as sicknesses. This service also offers programs and conferences to promote healthy lifestyles of and among students. The first-aid area is equipped with all necessary medical supplies adequate for injuries, traumas or illnesses.

Onsite-risk Insurance

The coverage includes any type of accident occurred to our students within the school´s facilities, in the transfer to the same, or at any event organized outside the campus; providing tranquility to our parents; as well as the ambulance that will provide the proper transportation service to the hospital.

Parents´ School

This program is dedicated to offer our parents a space and time to relate with trend topics about parenting and values, which may be traduced into actions to create a better familiar atmosphere at home.