Suppliers’ responsibilities towards the Institution:

  • 1. Comply with the obligation of always ensuring his/her professional practice according to the mission, vision, and quality policy of Colegio Americano Anáhuac de Monterrey, S.C.
    2.  Protect the confidentiality of all information in the documentation or files, and proceedings of the institution.
    3. Take care of the school’s facilities, furniture, systems, and work materials.
    4. Avoid the performance of his/her duties when their professional capacity when being under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances, diseases, physical or psychological impairments.

Suppliers’ responsibilities towards the Personnel and Directors:

  • 1. He/She must respect directors’or executives’, immediate superiors’, and administratives’ professional reputation and their opinion, maintaining high courtesy standards in the relationships with them inside the school’s facilities.
    2.  He/She must accept the the authority of his/her directors and immediate superiors, keeping the right to express his/her professional opinion.
    3. Must acknowledge his/her responsibilities for their own actions and decisions.
    4. He/She shall not offer or accept gratifications, gifts, or favors that may affect or seem to influence in their actions or in the professional decisions.