Administrative Staff

Responsibilities of the Administrative Personnel towards the Institution:

  • 1. Always assume the obligation to run their practice according to the Mission, Vision and Quality Policy of Colegio Americano Anáhuac de Monterrey.
    2. Ensure punctuality and use time efficiently for activities at their expense.
    3. Prevent that personal issues hinder the development of administrative objectives in charge, and commit themselves in search of overcoming their problems.
    4. Maintain the confidentiality of all documents, information, files and procedures of the institution.
    5. Avoid using resources, systems (telephone, e-mail, and computer equipment), and work material for personal purposes. Those resources shall be used for work-related matters and in an ethical manner; otherwise an applicable sanction will apply.
    6. To take care and protect the institution’s facilities, furniture, systems, and work material.
    7. Avoid the performance of his/her duties when their professional capacity when being under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances, diseases, physical or psychological impairments.
    8. Every password to the systems and equipment are confidential and personal; therefore none of them should be shared under any circumstances with other people.

Responsibilities of the Administrative Staff towards the Directors, Immediate Superiors, Teachers, and Colleagues:

  • 1. He/She must respect directors’or executives’, immediate superiors’, and work colleagues’ professional reputation and their opinion, maintaining high courtesy standards in the relationships with them inside the school’s facilities.
    2. He/She must be prepared to aid recently incorporated colleagues in every possible manner.
    3. He/She must accept the the authority of his/her directors and immediate superiors, keeping the right to express his/her professional opinion.
    4. Combat the lack of professionalism and expose corruption, incompetence, or technical failures with the institution’s directors.
    5. Must acknowledge his/her responsibilities for their own actions and decisions.
    6. Must not accept any gratifications, gifts, or favors that may harm or appear to influence their actions or professional decisions.
    7. Must care to keep a proper working environment, avoiding derogatory remarks to disqualify one or more individuals that form part of the work team, as well as avoiding comments that disrepute the institution’s image.

Responsibilities of the Administrative Staff towards Suppliers and Clients:

  • 1. Do not accept any benefits, gifts, and invitations from suppliers, clients or organizations that fulfill or are expected to fulfill commercial transactions with the institution.
    2. The information about our clients and suppliers is confidential, therefore it is strictly forbidden to release any information about them. 
    3. The suppliers to be selected must share our ethical values, and hold a solid reputation of equity and integrity in their commercial transactions.
    4. Must offer and require a fair and honest treatment in every transaction.
    5. Realize an impartial selection of suppliers, based on quality criteria, profitability, and service.
    6. It is forbidden to allocate sales to acquaintances, family members, or friends that do not fufill the requirements mentioned above, and that prove to be inadequate for the job.