Teaching Staff

Personal Docente

Teachers’ responsibilities towards the Institution:

  • 1. Comply with the obligation of always ensuring his/her professional practice according to the mission, vision, and quality policy of Colegio Americano Anáhuac de Monterrey, S.C.
    2. Encourage punctuality, and optimize the time dedicated to the educational activities the teacher is in charge of for the accomplishment of his/her workplan.
    3. Avoid hindering the development of the educational objectives targeted by his/her personal life, in addition to overcome his/her issues.
    4. Clearly define his/her scope of action as a teacher, and recognize the scope and boundaries of his/her mastered thematic, as well as the educational techniques. Call up upon professional aid to refer and resolve issues that may arise in the educational field when necessary, committing to work in an interdisciplinary manner. 

    5. Protect the confidentiality of all information in the documentation or files, and proceedings of the institution.
    6. Take care of and encourage the alumni to give due care to school property, facilities, furniture, systems, and working material that belong to the institute.
    7. Avoid the performance of his/her duties when their professional capacity when being under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances, diseases, physical or psychological impairments.

Teachers’ responsibilities towards the Students under their charge:

  • 1. Keeping a strictly professional relationship and mutual respect with his/her students, based on high courtesy standards inside our facilities.
    2. Strengthen his/her joint effort to guide the students to develop their personality and work capacity to their fullest potential.
    3. Must enhance the institutional values stated above.
    4. Must recognize every child as an individual, and that they may differ with the requirements for his/her educational promotion, avoiding intentional exposure to embarrassment or disparagement.
    5. Acknowledge his/her specific obligation to assist all of the students under his/her charge to develop their skills properly as much as possible.
    6. Acknowledge his/her duty to work with the students’ parents to promote student wellness, particularly through a consultation process and participation of parents, whenever it is appropriate.
    7. Must make a reasonable effort to protect the student from injurious conditions for the learning process, health or safety.
    8. Operate in a manner that reflects our institutional values.
    9. Do not use professional relationships with students for his/her own advantage.
    10. He/She shall not disclose students’ information obtained during the course, unless such disclosure has a convincing professional purpose, or has been required by the Academic Authority.

Teachers’ responsibilities towards Executives, Immediate Superiors, and Work Colleagues:

  • 1. He/She must respect directors’or executives’, immediate superiors’, and work colleagues’ professional reputation and their opinion, maintaining high courtesy standards in the relationships with them inside the school’s facilities.
    2. He/She must be prepared to aid recently incorporated colleagues in every possible manner.
    3. He/She must accept the the authority of his/her directors and immediate superiors, keeping the right to express his/her professional opinion.
    4. Combat the lack of professionalism and expose corruption, incompetence, or technical failures with the institution’s directors.
    5. Must acknowledge his/her responsibilities for their own actions and decisions.
    6. Must not accept any gratifications, gifts, or favors that may harm or appear to influence their actions or professional decisions.
    7. Must care to keep a proper working environment, avoiding derogatory remarks to disqualify one or more individuals that form part of the work team, as well as avoiding comments that disrepute the institution’s image.

Teachers’ responsibilities towards our Students’ Parents and the Community:

  • 1. In regards to the education field, provide clear and suitable information to parents about their child’s school performance.
    2. Will do everything that is possible to encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education.
    3. Will act in a way that enhances the prestige of the profession and the institution.