¿Why should you choose Colegio Americano Anáhuac?

1. We educate our students to maximize their skills with a high academic and bilingual level, as well as enhancing in them a global culture.
2. Our educational personnel is highly prepared and qualified.
3. For being on the leading edge of technology that bring numerous advantages as educational tools.
4. For our human vision.
5. Over 30 years of experience.

Admission Requirements

  • Conduct letter from previous institution
  • Birth certificate (original and copy)
  • Previous and current report card (SE and previous school)
  • Preschool/Elementary Certificate
  • CURP (Mexican residents only)
  • Current medical record
  • Copy of the current vaccination record (Preschool and First grade)
  • 4 B/W ID photos

Additional requirements for Enrolling Students

  • Take the Motor and Intellectual Skills Test by our Psuchology Department
  • Take our Introductory Course

For more information about the Admission Process, please call us at +52 1(81) 8214 00 82/83 and we will schedule your appointment.

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