Bachelor in Education

Colegio Americano Anáhuac offers a Bachelor IN Education Degree with a minor in English Language Teaching as an option to the impending need to educate our current and future generations; having them reach a high competitive level that will allow our students to succeed in this field. 


Forming cultured and quality graduates with a critic approach who will be able to solve any kind of problematic in the education field; allowing them to propose the design, apply, and evaluate bilingual educative processes.


To prepare education professionals with a broad criterion and acknowledge of the educational structures and processes, guaranteeing the ability to propose solutions to cognitive, communication, ethical, and creative problems which will lead to the formation of solid and competitive citizens who will be able to link up to the scientific development, cultural, and technologic processes.


1° Semester

  • Higher Education in Mexico
  • General Pedagogy
  • Developmental Psychology I
  • General Didactics
  • Educational Planning
  • English Level I
  • Development of Cognitive Skills

2° Semester

    • Information Technology I
    • Educational Philosophy
    • Developmental Psychology II
    • Instructional Programming Workshop
    • Curriculum
    • English Level II
    • Creativity in Education
  • 3° Semester

    • Information Technology II
    • Sociology of Education
    • Teacher Training Program
    • Fundamentals for Teaching a Foreign Language
    • Educational Communication
    • English Level III
    • General Management
  • 4° Semester

    • Information Technology III
    • Educational Management
    • Educational Psychology
    • Methodology for English Teaching
    • Educational Technology
    • English Level IV
    • English Language Teaching & Learning Seminar

  • 5° Semester

    • Human Development
    • Contrastive Grammar
    • Learning Process Psychology
    • Educational Evaluation
    • Learning Process Theories
    • English Level V
    • Educational Research I

  • 6° Semester

    • English Linguistic
    • Pedagogy of the Current Century
    • Social Psychology
    • Professional Practice I
    • Educational Evaluation Workshop
    • English Level VI
    • Educational Research II
  • 7° Semester

    • Educational Quality Planning
    • Classic American Literature
    • Educational Guidance Seminar
    • Professional Practice II
    • Educational Management
    • TOEFL Coaching
    • Professional Analysis Seminar
  • 8° Semester

    • Professional Ethics
    • Special Education
    • Pshycolinguistics
    • Instructional Design
    • Context & Culture in English Teaching
    • Preparation for the Certification of English Teachers
    • Thesis Seminar

  • Work Field

    • National and International Education Institutions.
    • Coordination or Management of Education Centers.
    • Teachers of any academic level in bilingual institutions.
    • Secretaría de Educación’s oficial schools with the English Program.
    • Public and Private Organizations.
    • Education Research Centers.
    • Establish your own school.
  • Formation & Strengthening of Values

    • Involvement in cultural and pro-social programs.
    • Visual and experimental visits to different schools.
    • Social Service Programs in different public institutions.
    • Sport activities.

  • With valid official recognition to grant educational studies by the Executive power of the state through the operative dates: November 28th 1996 and published in the Official Diary in February 3rd 1997. With curricular modification in February 18th 2003, and published in the Official Diary in April 28th 2003.