BEO 2014

Colegio Americano Anáhuac participated in this year’s British English Olympics: BEO-2014.

Being part of this prestigious competition was a great opportunity to position our school as one of the premier schools in our city.

BEO is a program that provides students a safe, fun, friendly and structured environment in which to improve their knowledge of the English language and the world around them while experiencing first hand some of UK’s best cultural sites and enjoying a wealth of activities.

Some of the countries that participated in this year’s competition were: México, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Perú, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia; with more than 120 schools altogether.

Alongside the competition students also enjoyed a series of cultural excursions with fully day trips to Oxford and Brighton and 3 full days in London where they enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of the World’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Students also experienced a comprehensive program of evening activities such as discos, karaokes, treasure hunts, talent shows and sports tournaments that kept them entertained throughout their stay.

Twenty students and three teachers were chosen to represent Colegio Americano Anáhuac in this prestigious competition. King Edward’s School, Witley at Surrey, England is a boarding school which hosted this group for 15 days.

Our school team had an outstanding participation obtaining commendations on several of the projects presented.

The following projects were presented in the competition:

BEO International Forum – debate on actions for usage of biological weapons

Keynote presentation: Historical Conflict and Intervention

BEO World Travel Market – National Presentations

Local media project and presentation

BEO Drama festival

Song Recital

Mystery Challenge

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